Rights to Work

In the field of ​​migration, we had the pleasure to work with international organizations like WeWorld Cambodia (WWC) to ensure safe migration and to reduce human trafficking incidents. We organized video training courses to improve volunteer citizen reporters (VCRs)’ synergies with local authorities and thus ensure better awareness of cases of abuse, trafficking and exploitation. In this sense, our awareness campaigns implemented under Rights to Work project, focused back in 2021 on the issues of labor law, human rights and safe migration, across the pandemic period. In response to the call by WWC March 2021, we, at SFO, have designed the following output for Rights to Work (R2W) program, in order to implement this project on safe migration called “Choose Safely”:

i- Influencers’ Campaigns

ii- Documentary Training and Production

iii- Radio Series

iv- Digital Campaigns

v- Media Coverage (updated in September)

vi- Provincial Screenings (updated in December)

vii- Final Workshop (updated in January)

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What we learned from our previous period was flexibility, especially in re-scheduling our Online FilmCamp to match participants’ actual needs and situations. Also, boosting our radio shows turned out to be very effective as we have already reached our target with the first two episodes. In this vein, we’re going to keep this momentum up with our next online posts.

Another lesson for us was adaptability to the crisis and commitment to managing it in our favor. In September, both Kampong Cham and Siem reap, our target provinces were locked down, against the new outbreak. Therefore, we had no other alternative but to switch our shooting site to complete our documentary quota to Pursat, where we could also find (past) migrant workers. Thanks to our Production Manager’s approach, we managed to produce two relevant stories: “Smart Choice” and “Private Recruitment Agencies”. The first part recalls the challenges faced and new and safer decisions made by our subject. The second addresses practical tips about migration to work, especially through regular private recruitment agencies.

The above campaigns have been pursued since mid-June 2021, of course, resulting in more diverse angles of awareness. That multimedia diversity has been reflected through Refresher Training added in December 2021 to our Documentary output, Provincial Screenings in Siem Reap and Kampong Cham and Final Workshop both completed this January.