Sunflower Film Organization (SFO) has been officially registered at the Ministry of Interior as a non-profit organization since 13 March 2019, according to the notice 1398 Pr.K. Its affiliate collective, Sunflower Film Alliance (SFA) gathers volunteer members, across Cambodia, with film interest and skills, aged between 15 and 40. The collective. SFA is mandated to annually renew membership and leadership for greater youth empowerment.

Its main portfolio is built on past works of Kon Khmer Koun Khmer film collective (4K), founded since 2009 by Cambodian-French filmmaker, CHOU Davy. 4K has been widely known for their great works since 2009 and featured by local and international media. Our past achievements include: “Twin Diamonds” (2009), “Golden Re-Awakening Exhibition of Cambodian Movies in the 60’s and 70’s” (2009), “Cambodian Youth Art Festival” (20011), “Kon Khley” (2012), “Chaktomuk Short Film Festival” (2012-now), “Pram Ang” omnibus series (2016), and other exciting, motivational short film projects. SFA itself has produced, since late 2017,“Family and You” omnibus series (2017), “Kon Khnhom” TV show with TVK and a few short films, like “akumu project” and others. All of which have rocked both local and regional audiences, with some co-organized and co-produced with leading institutions.

SFA upgrade 4K’s ambition to build a more robust film industry in Cambodia, by adding values to its provincial allies with further technical film training. Monetization will be an essential part of the next activities as to support the alliance’s operations and and provide more resources and growth opportunities to its members, affiliates and young filmmakers in general.