Let’s Document Cambodia!” (LDC) (Tos Thort Ekasar! – តោះថតឯកសារនៅកម្ពុជា!) simply calls for joint action to Cambodian citizens/activists to document whatever they find meaningful and informative to the outside world, without fear and biase. In order to get involved in these activities, they are going to be empowered through our training and workshops in making documentaries on freedom of expression and access to information, and within a free, open and encouraging framework.  It entails two components throughout 2019:

  • Provincial Documentary Workshops target 4 provinces: Siem Reap, Battambang, Kep, Kampot. We make two (annual) trips per province:
    1. To train our 10 beneficiaries or target activists per province and
    2. To follow up on their/our after-workshop output.

Our aim through these workshops is to empower local contacts with journalism/documentary skills. As such, they can spread our activities further among their fellows and each create at least a short documentary about freedom of expression in their respective provinces, throughout the year.

  • Docu FilmCamp (DFC / Chumrum Ekasar – ជំរំឯកសារ) is an intensive course where trainees attend a series of filmmaking lectures making their own short documentaries in Phnom Penh. The three-day indoor course is followed by on-field shooting (three days), and final editing (four days), resulting in six short documentaries. These debuting works will be put on the big screen during the Chaktomuk Short Film Festival (CSFF), and compete for award(s) on access to information in Cambodia. Enthusiastic filmmakers have the opportunity to build new connections, make short documentaries in a new format and environment, and explore new paths in the film industry. Registration is open to the public to select 30 participants. They will be divided into six teams (1 writer/director, 1 assistant to director, 1 cameraman, 1 sound operator and 1 editor), with support from six coordinators accordingly. The typical age range of trainees is between 18 and 35. Ideally, each team will follow the life of an activist (social, political, artistic) of their choice, based on the given theme.